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remote sensing solutions

2Excel geo operate the only commercial hyperspectral airborne capability in the UK. Hyperspectral sensing provides information far richer in depth than standard survey cameras.

Our airborne platform is equipped with scientific-grade hyperspectral and photogrammetric cameras able to collect imagery over large areas at high spatial and spectral resolution. All 2Excel geo need is a time and a place and we will deliverer imagery to you ready for analysis in your favoured software environment.


remote sensing solutions

2Excel geo integrate remotely sensed data with machine learning and computer vision to solve difficult problems. We have designed and executed several challenging case studies, illustrative of our rigorous scientific approach and subject matter expertise.

By harnessing drone, airborne and satellite imagery, 2Excel geo can tailor a cost effective, evidence based solution. Let us help you leverage remote sensing to make better decisions.

Specialists in practical application of remote sensing technologies.

2Excel geo have unique capabilities from collection, through processing and analysis to dissemination. This means that we understand the complex considerations that contribute to a successful outcome. 2Excel geo have a keen eye for detail to ensure that they can collect the right data to support your needs.

We have planned and executed numerous case studies highlighting comprehensive capabilities in various industries including in agriculture, conservation, risk management, ecology, landscape management and water quality.

Case Studies

Our case studies demonstrate the breadth of application of remotely sensed data and the depth of our analysis. We have tackled very challenging problems from the detection of wheat disease to the classification of age of moorland heather.

Our ongoing research and development is targeted at some of the most pressing challenges facing the UK. Here, 2Excel geo believe in forming collaborations with those who share our values to focus on problems such as blackgrass mapping and the detection of ash die back.

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