Specialists in Remote Sensing

2Excel Geo provides end-to-end remote sensing solutions from data capture to data delivery and everything in between. Our team of specialists have particular expertise in the acquisition and processing of hyperspectral imagery to support environmental applications.

Full stack remote sensing, from collection to delivery.

Our hyperspectral and true colour airborne platform enables collection over large areas at high resolution. Our custom algorithms and domain expertise extract the information that you need in a format you want.

Our Expertise

2Excel Geo specialise in the acquisition and processing of airborne hyperspectral imagery. Our unique set of in-house software provides high-quality hyperspectral outputs analysed by our team of experts to produce useable maps and datasets that inform a range of environmental management activities.

Hyperspectral and RGB Imagery

2Excel Geo provide simultaneous capture of aerial photography and hyperspectral imagery from our own airborne platform. Data processing is completed in-house by our specialist team to provide analysis ready datasets.


Hyperspectral data can provide useful information regarding the biochemical and physical properties of vegetation. 2Excel Geo have combined this capability with domain expertise to provide scientifically informed tree management tools including our Tree Health Map.


2Excel Geo provide data capture and analytical capability to support land management and geological applications of hyperspectral imagery. Our expert team have leveraged the spectral resolution of our hyperspectral instruments for the assessment and detection of land contaminants and mineral deposits.


The capabilities of hyperspectral data to identify subtle differences in vegetation characteristics can be applied to classifying vegetation into specific habitat groups of classes. High-level habitat maps can subsequently be used to assess habitat fragmentation or inform habitat management and restoration activities.

Starting an Internship During Lockdown

Starting an Internship During Lockdown

Starting an Internship During LockdownKlara Halikova Intern at 2Excel Geo  Klara has a BSc in Ecological and Environmental Sciences from the University of Edinburgh. Klara's role at 2Excel involves comparing which UK habitat classification systems are more...

Which Remote Sensing Approach is Right For Me?

Which Remote Sensing Approach is Right For Me?

Which Remote Sensing Process is Right for Me? An elementary guide to selecting the correct remote sensing process for your project.Dr Gary Llewellyn Remote Sensing Consultant  Gary has a PhD and first class degree (Hons) from the University of Southampton. He has...

Life as an Intern at 2Excel Geo

Life as an Intern at 2Excel Geo

Life as an Intern at 2Excel Geo An insight into what life is like working for 2Excel Geo.Loreena Jaouen Geospatial Analyst at 2Excel geo  Loreena has an MSc in Remote Sensing and Environmental Mapping from University College London (UCL) and a BSc in Natural...

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