remote sensing solutions

Problem solvers at heart, we process and analyse data from multiple sources to develop solutions by leveraging state-of-the-art machine learning and computer vision techniques. Unique to 2Excel is our proven ability to quickly develop new airborne remote sensing capabilities using our in house design authority. This can be used to develop new sensing concepts, to de-risk space qualified sensors or to evaluate the viability of commercial services.

Concept to Capability

2Excel is an EASA approved Design Organisation with a very wide scope. This means that 2Excel is able to design, manufacture, install and certify bespoke modifications to any of its own or its customers’ aircraft. Holding all these approvals under its own control minimises both risk and cost in 2Excel delivering truly cutting-edge prototyping and contract-air services. 2Excel’s flying laboratories (Piper Navajo PA-31, Beechcraft King Air) are ideal platforms to develop and test remote sensing technologies such as synthetic aperture radars, electro-optic cameras and LiDAR.

Sensor & Platform Agnostic

2Excel geo’s skills in signal and image processing, computer vision and machine learning can be applied to any source of imagery; from hand-held to satellite sensors. Depending upon the demands of the problem, we can integrate and fuse data from third party sources such as meteorological and GIS datasets. Products, developed to your specification, can be disseminated in a variety of forms, from text message to web-services.