field data collection

Measuring and understanding ground conditions and characteristics is critical to accurate image interpretation and analysis. Available as a standalone service or as support to a remote sensing campaign, 2Excel geo has a suite of scientific equipment and a team of trained personnel with experience in designing and executing field data collections.

Field Spectroscopy

Field spectroscopy involves using ground based, non-imaging sensors to measure the spectral reflectance of objects at close range. Data can be captured via physical contact with the object of interest or obtained at a short stand-off distance of a few metres from the target. 2Excel geo operates the UK's only Dual Field Spectrometer System, built by Analytical Spectral Devices (ASD). This particular system allows for a much greater tolerance of weather conditions to obtain high quality data with rapid collection, up to thousands of measurements per hour. All spectral reflectance measurements are made with calibrated instruments and are traceable to the National Metrology Institute of the Federal Republic of Germany standard.

Hyperspectral Imaging

Our hyperspectral cameras are equally at home on the ground as in the air. They may be used to collect high spectral resolution data at a spatial resolution of millimetres. With tripod and translation stage scanning options, we can bring the cameras to your samples in field, glasshouse or laboratory environments.


The ability to accurately locate measurements in three dimensions is critical to the exploitation of multiple platformsand sensors. Using a combination of Real Time Kinematic positioning systems from Emlid and Leica, 2Excel geo is able to map targets and their associated measurements to an accuracy of 1-2 cm, allowing ground data to be matched to aerial imagery at the pixel level.

Leaf Area Index

Using the SunScan system from Delta T Devices, in conjunction with the BF5 Sunshine Sensor, 2Excel geo produces robust measurements of Leaf Area Index. This scientific, quantitative approach is repeatable and not subject to the inaccuracies of observational data.

Ground Calibration Targets

The highest quality hyperspectral imagery is obtained with targets of known reflectance properties in the image, which allows for the recovery of accurate surface reflectance. 2Excel geo has designed bespoke, lightweight Ground Calibration Targets (GCT) which can be deployed for long periods in the target region.

Ground Control Points

The navigation system in the aircraft enables images to be registered to sub-metre positioning accuracy, however this can be further improved to less than 10cm for orthophotos and 30 cm for hyperspectral imagery with the use of in-scene Ground Control Points (GCP). 2Excel geo has designed and manufactured inexpensive, durable GCPs built specifically to support our collection campaigns.