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Hyperspectral Imaging

Standard processing delivers orthorectified reflectance imagery. Whilst all processing is automated, the Client may specify options such as the atmospheric correction technique. If present, atmospheric correction may take advantage of deployed in-scene ground reference targets.

True Orthophotos

Airborne colour imagery; colour balanced and orthorectified. If present, this process may take advantage of accurately surveyed ground control points. Alternatively, other sources of control can be used, with the Clients’ approval.

Terrain Products

Orthophoto processing generates Digital Surface Models. This is used to generate additional outputs including a Digital Terrain Model, slope, aspect and roughness. All imagery is delivered in GeoTIFF format. Products are delivered with a processing and quality report.

Vegetative Indices

Vegetative indices are spectral transformation of two or more bands designed to enhance the expression of chemical and structural properties. Hyperspectral sensing enables the use of narrow band indices able to infer a greater range of vegetative properties than multispectral sensing.

Tree Canopy Segmentation

Tree canopy segmentation at canopy scale. This product is accompanied by derived statistics including tree count, tree density, tree size and shape.

Tree Canopy Height

Tree canopy height product is generated by the subtraction of a Digital Terrain Model from a Digital Surface Model and then confined to wooded areas only. Terrain products are a pre-requisite for this product.

Standing Deadwood

Standing deadwood may be inferred by the combination of tree canopy height and lack of vegetative biomass. Potential areas of standing deadwood are validated by manual inspection of orthophotos. Tree Canopy Height, True Orthophotos and Vegetative Indices are therefore a pre-requisite for this product.

Tree Species Mapping

Mapping of multiple tree species at canopy scale. The selection of tree species is project dependent and relies on an amount of a-priori knowledge of the area. Hyperspectral processing, orthophoto processing and tree canopy segmentation are pre-requisites of tree species mapping.